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News Release: Caldwell condemns partisan impeachment.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : December 19, 2019

Caldwell Condemns Carbajal Impeachment Vote

SANTA BARBARA—Andy Caldwell condemned Salud Carbajal for using his partisan impeachment vote to campaign with taxpayer dollars, while continuing to ignore issues affecting the Central Coast.

Caldwell rejects Carbajal’s false claim that Congressional Democrats were reticent about impeaching the President. Numerous news reports show that Congressional Democrats have been trying to impeach Trump since BEFORE he was even inaugurated!

Caldwell pointed out that Congressional Democrats spent two years riding the dead horse of Russian collusion. When that fell apart, they switched to a phone call where the President congratulated the newly elected Ukrainian President and urged him to root out corruption - even if it involves those with family connections to American politicians from both political parties.

Moreover, Congressional Democrats, already anticipating the President will be exonerated by the U.S. Senate, have announced they will find another reason to pursue yet another impeachment effort.

Caldwell added "No one is above the law - and you shouldn't be shielded from an investigation for corruption just because your daddy is the Vice President or decides to run for President."

"Salud should be ashamed," said Andy Caldwell, "this impeachment is nothing more than DC politics - all partisan, all the time. Meanwhile he does nothing to solve the issues we're facing here on the Central Coast."

"I am going to Congress to fight for policies that will help people. Salud is too busy playing partisan games that put politics ahead of facts, fairness, truth, or the country," Caldwell said.

"Salud is meekly following directions from Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Ocasio-Cortez - and they're putting partisan politics ahead of the American people and the Constitution," Calwell concluded.

Andy Caldwell is a government watchdog and taxpayer advocate who helped found COLAB - the Coalition of Labor, Agriculture, and Business. He is a candidate for Congress in California District 24.

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